At odd times in history …

Ordinary people have done extraordinary things. Some of these accomplishments have been horrific — the slaughter of innocent people, the destruction of entire countries, the suppression of free thought — but other achievements have been wonderful — the liberation of those oppressed, the exploration of new lands and galaxies, the finding of a cure. And while the people behind these triumphs and tragedies become well-known and may seem bigger than life, they were actually ordinary people who focused and dedicated themselves to a cause, be it good or bad.

Staying inside when you want to go out and hike in the hills, shop at the mall, have coffee with friends, or attend church services may seem nothing more than annoying, but at this odd time in history it is heroic and selfless and a gesture of love. It is the smallest chore you can perform that will yield the largest yield. Not being out and about will help to contain the virus and flatten the curve as they say, and while you may feel anxious or upset or overwhelmed or even angry, know that you are doing an extraordinary thing — you are saving lives.

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