My Apologies.

My original intent for this website was to give readers a different (and hopefully helpful or at least thought-provoking) slant on how to view life and its problems, predicament, upsets, and daily challenges. (Actually, this was the second intent for this website. My first intent when I created the website for a grad school project was to provide cake recipes.) I wanted to show that we all can handle tough times with finesse and show grace under pressure. I think most folks, if given the chance and a bit of guidance, can face occasional disasters and days of drudgery with dignity. I just wanted to remind everyone of that fact.

During the last few months, I have had a lot of oh-no-this-cannot-be-happening moments and have not handled them with any dignity or grace. Actually, I smashed whatever rosy-colored glasses happened to be laying around the house and succumbed to depression and reclusion. I allowed myself to fall apart. I replaced self-respect with self-pity.

Because I was so busy wallowing in regret and disappointment, I felt I could give no advice or insight or ideas. I saw myself as a screw-up — surely others would see that and ignore anything I had to say, no? Thus, I have not made any posts recently.

Finally, I stopped blubbering. I accepted that I had plenty of reason to be disgruntled, but also admitted that my bouts of depression were simply avoidance tactics developed long ago in my youth and fine-tuned in recent days. Whereas I could lose days when I was young, I cannot avoid life and its consequences ad infinitum.

So now I am getting back in the saddle and taking charge of my life once again. And I can see that this lousy period of my life has given me some new insight and taught me some valid lessons about living gracefully.

I do hope you will check back to this site if you are searching for a different viewpoint, an alternative to the usual self-help one gets these days. I will not go into it right now, but here is my first piece of advice (to be expounded in the next post): Create a short answer and find a sympathetic ear.