When you cannot have it all, you will have just what you want …

A quick note regarding a phenomenon I have noticed since my budget got a bit smaller and my purse strings a bit tighter: there are certain things I do not buy anymore and don’t miss because I never really liked them anyway. These were goods or experiences or even donations I paid for because I thought I should like them or they would benefit me in some way and improve my day and, what the hell, I could afford them. They brought me no joy yet I kept giving them a second chance over and over again. This list included dairy-free ice cream, kombucha, a few veggies that I don’t like, expensive shampoos, a couple of movie channels, various herbal teas, and clothes I did not wear because I just never found the right occasion. I also continually made donations to certain organizations that called me at all hours on any day, bought filters for a bizarre coffee maker that took forever to make rather mediocre coffee, and sat through ridiculous performance art pieces because, well, let’s give the artist a chance.

Now that I have way less money, yes, I must be picky about how I spend it, but I also realize how important it is to have things in your life that you both use and enjoy. My eating habits are seriously better now that I buy and eat food I enjoy (and no, I am not buying cream puffs and Cheetos, I am actually eating quite healthy). I wear clothes that are comfortable, read books that interest me, and donate to charities when I damned well feel like it. Ironically, I feel a bit richer with less on the book shelf or in the closet, and I don’t miss impulse buying or shopping simply to pass the time. Being less of a consumer has made me a better consumer and a way happier camper!

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