And the saint comes marching in …

So the call came and my great new dream gig fell through. The next day (the day it was to start), I was running an errand and decided to stop off and see someone who had invited me for coffee. This was not a meeting at a Starbucks or a Denny’s, but rather participation in a morning ritual at a homeless resource center. ┬áThe director had given me a tour of the facility recently and had, at that time, told me to stop by during their coffee hour and meet and mingle with others. I stopped by and drank coffee and conversed with others a bit (I am somewhat inept at mingling) and then chatted with the director. I mentioned that I had just had a job offer fall through, he had just had a staff member leave.

I now have a job (at least for the time being). Thanks to St. Jude for coming in right under the wire and giving me a helping hand.

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